KEYNOTE: Jen Dante

KEYNOTE: Jen Dante Director of Product Innovation Netflix

Liam Darmody

Liam Darmody Product Manager pivotal.io

Tim Herbig

Tim Herbig Head of Product iridion

Dave Meyer

Dave Meyer Senior Product Manager Atlassian

Emily Batt

Emily Batt Senior Product Manager Kayak

Christoph Richter

Christoph Richter Business Unit Head Xing

Christian Schlüter

Christian Schlüter Team Lead Product Xing

Stefania Leone

Stefania Leone Product Lead Appway

Chris Long

Chris Long Product Growth Lead Shopify

KEYNOTE: Ram Papatla

KEYNOTE: Ram Papatla Vice President of Product Management Flipkart

KEYNOTE: Mina Radhakrishnan

KEYNOTE: Mina Radhakrishnan Co-Founder, Different Ex-Uber, Ex-Google, Ex-500 Startups

KEYNOTE: Mark Hull

KEYNOTE: Mark Hull Director of Product Management Facebook

Sven Grajetzki

Sven Grajetzki CPO Restaurant Partner Solutions Delivery Hero

Tilke Judd

Tilke Judd Product Manager Google

KEYNOTE: Giovanni Iachello

KEYNOTE: Giovanni Iachello Head of International and Data Products LinkedIn

Rio Akasaka

Rio Akasaka Product Manager Google

David Pier

David Pier Senior Product Manager Skyscanner

Lukas Bänninger

Lukas Bänninger Product Manager The Ergonomen Usability

Gregor Ilg

Gregor Ilg Head of Product etventure

Tav Klitgaard

Tav Klitgaard Head of Digital Zetland

Ahmed Abukhater

Ahmed Abukhater Product Management Leadership Boeing

Ela Amarie

Ela Amarie Founder and Psychologist Mindful Brain

Krassi Hristova

Krassi Hristova Sr Technical Program Manager Snapchat

Juliette Vernel

Juliette Vernel Internal management consultant ABB

Johan Rapp

Johan Rapp Product Management Consultant ABB

Thorsten Dietzsch

Thorsten Dietzsch Senior Product Manager Zalando

Patricia Morizio

Patricia Morizio Senior Product Manager, Mobile Verzion

Sylvain Morger

Sylvain Morger UX researcher Ginetta

Dave Price

Dave Price VP of Product Goeuro

Stephanie Kaiser

Stephanie Kaiser CPO Heartbeat Labs

Ilona Baier

Ilona Baier Senior Interaction Designer Ginetta

Jean-Christophe Hemes

Jean-Christophe Hemes Senior Product Manager Logitech

Daniel Strazzulla

Daniel Strazzulla Product Manager Contentful

Nadia Erraji

Nadia Erraji Product Manager Avito.ma

Andy Pipes

Andy Pipes Head of Product Management co-op Funeralcare

Kriti Sharma

Kriti Sharma Director, Product Management, Bots Sage

Katherine Barrett

Katherine Barrett Product Manager Carsales

Vidya Dinamani

Vidya Dinamani Co-Founder Purpose Driven Product

Pilgrim Beart

Pilgrim Beart CEO DevicePilot

Yariv Adan

Yariv Adan Product Lead Google

Jo Harris

Jo Harris ex- Lead Product Manager The Telegraph

Sonja Ängeslevä

Sonja Ängeslevä Product Director Unity3D

Nilan Peiris

Nilan Peiris VP of Growth Transferwise

Timm Richter

Timm Richter CPO Xing

Emily Tate

Emily Tate Product Manager TripCase

Kirsten Butzow

Kirsten Butzow Pragmatic Marketing

Brian Donohue

Brian Donohue Senior Product Manager Intercom

Alex Diaz

Alex Diaz Chief Product Officer Kalo/ ex-VP Products Yahoo

Shiva Rajaraman

Shiva Rajaraman VP of Product Spotify

Michael Smith

Michael Smith VP of Product Management SwiftKey

Dave Wascha

Dave Wascha Global Director of Digital Products Travelex

Inga Chen

Inga Chen Product Manager Squarespace

Rasmus Nielsen

Rasmus Nielsen Product Manager 3Shape

Sven Nonboe

Sven Nonboe Senior Product Manager 3Shape

Dan Barak

Dan Barak Product Manager Facebook

April Dunford

April Dunford CEO Sprint.ly

PAST KEYNOTE: Sylvain Grande

PAST KEYNOTE: Sylvain Grande SVP Products SoundCloud

Heather Samarin

Heather Samarin Chief Product Officer Arista MD

Jonah Jones

Jonah Jones Product Design Manager Facebook

Jock Busuttil

Jock Busuttil Ex-Head of Product, Ministry of Justice UK Author and Founder, Product People Limited.

Chris Maury

Chris Maury Founder Conversant Labs

Thabet “Fesh” Alfishawi

Thabet “Fesh” Alfishawi Product Manager Google / YouTube

Mathieu Fauve

Mathieu Fauve Head R&D Stöckli

Christopher Osborne

Christopher Osborne Director of Product Booking.com

Arne Kittler

Arne Kittler Director Mobile Product Management Xing

Rebekah Mueller

Rebekah Mueller Senior Director of Product Management Audible - Amazon

Matan Bar

Matan Bar Head of PayPal Consumer Product Center Paypal

Mayank Yadav

Mayank Yadav Product Manager Handy

Martin Rusch

Martin Rusch Senior Vice President Network Xing

Colman Walsh

Colman Walsh Owner UX Training

Elena Kelareva

Elena Kelareva Product Manager Google

Alexander Duschau-Wicke

Alexander Duschau-Wicke Head of Product Management Hocoma

Nabil Naghdy

Nabil Naghdy Product Manager Google

Nina Schneider

Nina Schneider Product Lead Appway

Harish Bhagavatula

Harish Bhagavatula Director, Product Strategy Oracle

Brian Lawley

Brian Lawley CEO 280Group

Lisa Long

Lisa Long VP Product Management appear.in/Telenor

Nick Jakobi

Nick Jakobi Product Manager

Samir Hanna

Samir Hanna Agile Coach Zalando

KEYNOTE: Tristan Harris

KEYNOTE: Tristan Harris Co-Founder Time Well Spent

Stefan Haas

Stefan Haas Founder PoDojo

Nikkel Blaase

Nikkel Blaase Product & Interaction Designer Xing

Philipp Moehring

Philipp Moehring All things Europe AngelList

Megan Boundey

Megan Boundey Product Manager Google

Vincent Hess

Vincent Hess Senior Product Manager Sensirion

Michael Eckhardt

Michael Eckhardt Director Chasm Institute

Susanne Adriaanse

Susanne Adriaanse Product Manager Nedap

Andrey Sebrant

Andrey Sebrant Director of Product Marketing Yandex

Adrian Zumbrunnen

Adrian Zumbrunnen UX Designer

Lars Krüger

Lars Krüger Head of Product Blockchain

Pieter Gillegot-Vergauwen

Pieter Gillegot-Vergauwen Vice President of Product Management TomTom

Scott Eblen

Scott Eblen CPO Nutmeg

Oliver Zimmermann

Oliver Zimmermann Product Manager Hilti (Schweiz) AG

Lindsay Matthews

Lindsay Matthews Senior Product Manager Yammer (Microsoft)

Kálmán Kéménczy

Kálmán Kéménczy Director of Product Prezi

Jon White

Jon White Product Architect Moz

Dan Berte

Dan Berte Head of Design Bitdefender

Romana Oehmig

Romana Oehmig Product Manager & Team Lead SAP

Ilia Kuznetsov

Ilia Kuznetsov VP, Corporate Programs, ABRT Venture Fund Head of Strategy Development, Kaspersky Lab

Nick Mitushin

Nick Mitushin Investment Director ABRT Venture Fund


ARENA Cinemas Zürich
Kalanderplatz 8, CH-8045 Zurich, Switzerland
Hotel & City Guide

Arena Cinemas is reachable within 25 walking minutes from Zurich main station. Walk along the Sihl river.

The ARENA Cinemas Zürich is located in the Sihlcity area right at the connection point Zurich-Brunau, freeway A3 south route. Over 850 parking spaces are available in the Sihlcity parking. For directions please check out Search.ch or Google Maps.

Public transportation:


Nr. 5
Nr. 18
Nr. 33
Nr. 89


Sihltal train


Sihlcity Nord
Sihlcity Nord
Sihlcity Nord



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